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Thursday, 29 November 2012

192 - Bivouac Bush Camping

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The camp area at Bivouac Bush 
While at TNC we weren't to sure which we head. The thoughts were to go into Charters Towers , then down the inland road to Clermont, then Emerald, and so on. On the other hand we can go straight down the coast road, which I really didn't want to do, as we have done that stretch a million times, and we were warned of the road works and the feeeeeerk'n trucks.
Still with a bit of  indecision, we left TNC and headed up to the Blue Water rest areas to say good bye to the great folks we met at ""Bushy Parker" who were camped there.
As I didn't have a lap top, and I had read a bit about "Bivouac" I was keen to venture to this spot. But again the negatives went up...as in the distance we were from Townsville, the inland road blah! blah! blah! I was also advised of a freedom camp at Macrossan which is a about the same distance out of CT as ""Bivouac"
As luck would have it, a nearby camper at Blue Waters was on line and being the cheeky little bugger I am, asked them to check out Bivouac Bush Camp for me. After viewing the site....that was good enough for me. So off to Bivouac it was. Anyway, if it is no good we can go to the freebie anyway  

The Drovers Kitchen @ Bivouac
Anyway we checked out the freebie at Macrossan, and although I thought it was cool, the bride wasn't keen on the spot due to the lack of shade. So enough for that. Bivouac was basically across the road, but in off the road for three kilometres..................so hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Bivouac we go.........hi ho, hi ho. Three kms or so later on a good gravel road we arrived at our destination. 
What a great spot. Not a lot of other campers, no one lined up like sardines, friendly faces and no kidz. This will do us I said to the bride and @ $120 a week good value.
All camped up @ Bivouac
Now all I can say about Bivouac Bush Camp is sensational. We had power and water, handy to the "unisex" toilets and showers, and the Burdekin River was a slow stroll down from the camp, of which being so low at the time we were there, made swimming, fishing and skinny dipping very enjoyable.
Another view of our camp
A very sedate Burdekin River
The beach just below the camping area, great spot for that au natural swim
The Burdekin and the Fanning rivers met at Bivouac
My pet name for the bride is "Chook" So here is Chook feeding the chooks
 We stayed at Bivouac for about 11 days, and in all honesty I could stay there forever. A great place to drop out, and if you need to go to the big smoke of Charters Towers, of which we did quite regularly, only a half hour away. The only negativity with Bivouac was there is no dump point, hence we needed to take the "porta potti" for a drive on a regular basis.
CT is a nice town, and even though we have been there before on our way to Undara two years ago, this was the first time we had a good look around. Nice place!
During our time here we paled up with Ted and Susie, who were heading south as well, however it was decided to join Ted and Susie and head south along the coast road as well.
Next stop Reid River Freedom Camp and beyond.