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Saturday, 1 December 2012

193 - West then south bound from Bivouac

Here I am looking glamorous with my favourite sign.
After leaving Bivouac Bush Camp, and sometimes I ask the question "why" as it was so nice there, we moved onto Reid River which is a free camp east of Bivouac with Ted and Susie. This was a marathon drive of about 50kms. Both Ted and I were totally exhausted after such an horendous drive (he he!!!!!)

If you wonder why I hang this sign out well......................it definately keep the other campers from camping right on top of you.

However we camped right next to Ted and Susie, and the whole camp stayed empty all night, apart from a couple of "back scratchers" and they were away from us anyway that was it for the night.

Both rigs at Reid River freedom camp
Now Reid River camp site is really an overnighter. Nothing there really apart from somewhere to hang and have a long happy hour. Toilets were clean and plenty of water available, although not drinkable, but good enough to wash up in and have a shower off the back of the van. mmmmmmmmm!!!
I know my sign is good, but not that good, to empty a whole camp site (he he!!!!!!!!!!)
A very empty Reid River Camp Site, did I do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!
After our night at Reid River it was decided to push onto to a freedom camp site just north of Bowen.
Stay tooooooned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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