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Saturday, 1 December 2012

194 - Still Soutbound

The Motley crew, Ted and yours truly, just north of Bowen
We left Reid River with our destination either Home Hill or the free camp just north of Bowen, called Guthalungra. We were told about this site by Dave, Rosie, Rob and Maggie, two fantastic couples we met at Bushy Parker just north of Townsville, however they had mixed thoughts about it.

So from Reid River we took the back road from the Charters Towers to Townsville road to Giru, joining up with the worst nightmare ever "The Bruce Highway" We stopped in Home Hill, didn't really want to stay there anyway, so we got a few groceries and decided to head off to Guthalungra. I have driven the road between Mackay and Townsville two million times, however couldn't place this free camp for love nor money. So setting the trusty GPS it was then off to our camp.

Then as the GPS said "you have reached your destination" straight away I knew where we were. "Good God" was the cry. This place has got to be busier than the Prime Ministers Office.

The parking lot at Guthalungra
Now what I can see there has been improvements to the area, or restriction, depending on which way you look at it. The camp itself seems to have been fenced off to what seems to be the original camping area,  making it only possible to camp on a newly paved road area.
Yep, great new toilets, and bbq's in the park area, however you might as well settle in on the Bruce Highway proper and the northern rail line. So apart from putting up with the noise of a gazillion trucks every five minutes, the feeeeeeeerk'n trains run every ten minutes, the camp area is cosy to say the least. Also what I can see with the fenced off areas, one can see signs of a caravan park in the making with power outlets in position...mmmmmmmmmmm!!
Anyway stayed the night and had the mandatory happy hour with Ted and Susie and also another couple who were parked behind us, whose names I have lost in the brain matter, sorry guys.
Yep you guessed it........happy hour at Guthalungra
 Sunset @ Guthalungra
Stay toooooooooooooooooooned for Clareview Beach


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