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Sunday, 2 December 2012

195 - Clareview Beach

The tide is out Clareview
We left Gatha.........what ever, with a reasonable goal of meeting up at Armstrong's Beach, which is just south of Sarina with Ted and Susie, however we both had things to do in Bowen, so we went our own ways to Bowen.
So the bride and I went into Bowen...................and like all these places on the east coast of Queensland, we have been there before, however from our last visit two years ago, and now.....man what a difference. Now Bowen in our days of living in Mackay '82 to '94, Bowen was known as the "arm pit" of Queensland, but since they made the movie in parts "Australia",  the town has undergone some tremendous facial improvements, and what a lovely part of the world it is now.
We did what we had to do in Bowen, and headed off to our destination Armstrong's Beach. So down the highway we went, took the back road to miss Mackay and headed into Sarina, where we caught up with Ted and Susie at the local supermarket.
We wandered off to Armstrong Beach, however on arrival we just couldn't warm to the place, so we said our goodbyes to Ted and Susie, and initially decided to visit a retreat in Sarina called Goodys, see our blog around September 2010.  Being a fairly difficult place to get to, we then decided to give that the flick as well, and decided either on Camila Beach or Clareview.
We turned into Carmila, however we didn't get along to the beach area, with warnings the Val would get bogged and the "sand flies will kill ya mate."  So off to Clareview Beach CP. Now there is only two parts between Brisbane and Cairns  that you see the ocean. Those spots are at Clareview and south of Bowen.
The beer garden area overlooking the beach
Now Clareview is a "fishing community" made up of a lot of retirees, with all the houses on the beach may I add, a freedom camping area, with toilets and a dump point, and of course a Caravan Park. Once again we have been to this park quite a few times, and you can see the last entry early 2011.
Although we had intentions of only staying a couple of nights, we ended up there for a week. Why I don't know. It was really quiet, a little to quiet, and unfortunately the beach there isn't the best beach in the world. Very rocky, extreme low tides and exposed mangroves. However at low tide, which is most of the time, I spent most early mornings and afternoons walking out to the extremities of the beach to enjoy a bit of Yoga.
  A few of my mates coming over for happy hour
This birdie up close and personal
While we there at Clareview we did attend the Melbourne Cup afternoon with the bride winning the sweep. A nice $120 do you mind. That helped pay the rent.
As before it was very quiet there, as most vanners and back scratchers, were only over nighters. Although I did meet one couple on the beach taking advantage of the morning sunshine working on their all over tans (he he!!!) while on my morning constitution.
So the final night at Clareview arrived, and we were fortunate to meet up with Keith and Jean, who set up camp just down from us. Afternoon drinkies were the order of the day, and it was a little sad that we were going the next day, as  Keith and Jean were a real fun couple, of which we still keep in touch with by email, and no doubt will meet again in our travels.
The next week of our travels was a real downer. We all have them, so stay tooooooooned!!!!! 


  1. Hi Guys,
    Great to see ya back blogging again. Have been missing the updates, thought you may have found that secluded beach and decided to stay...he he.
    Keep them coming really enjoy the travel stories.

  2. Hey there GeoffnHels

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Still here and forever looking for that secluded beach to drop out to forever....looking....looking.

    I am waiting for your updates, don't forget now.

    Cheers and beers

    Paul & Wendy