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Monday, 3 December 2012

196 - South Then West

Eva and Brad @ Claude Warton Weir
We left Clareview Beach, with no real destination. I guess that is where it went all pear shaped for the next week. Being indecisive, we thought maybe we just go to the St.Lawrence freedom camp, which is basically just down the road. Na!!!! to close to Clareview.
Now what we have learnt in moving to place to place is the setting up and pulling down which has become a total pain in the arse. Now I can see why travelers all look to full vans fully self contained. Anyway that's a cross we have to bear.
We then pushed onto the pub at Marlborough, had a look...na to hot....how about the freedom camp at Yaamba.........lets have a look, so off we go. Arrived at Yaamba, na!!!! to noisy from the trucks being right on the highway....so the only choice left was a caravan park in Rocky....Not Happy Jan!!!!!! 
Now what prompted the move to Rocky was I needed to purchase a new lap top, so I guess that was the deciding factor of our nights destination. Now I hate with a passion, structured caravan parks being lined up like tin soldiers, with jumping pillows and kids facilities an at 36 bucks feeeeeerk that! .  Might suit some, but not this little black duck.
Enough for the rant. So we got the new lap top and we moved out of Rocky as quickly as possible.
I will skip through the next three or four days quickly. We decided to go inland and make a bee line for Delulu free camp........ to dirty........then onto Baralaba free camp, closed for road works, finally limping into Banana to the Hotel / Motel caravan park. Well we were stuck there for two days as the rain came in. Ever been stuck in Banana?.......feeeeeerk again. So at this stage not all going to plan at all.
After that episode we headed into Bilo, filled with fuel and headed south once again with the intentions of going to Wuruma Dam, but na!!!! to far of the beaten track, so we pushed onto a freedom camp called Ceratodus Freedom Camp.
At last we have arrived at a freedom camp, where we met initially Brad and Eva, and between us we decided to stay the night. Then another couple turned up, and before we knew it, happy hour was in full swing.......ahhhhhh at last, some normality in our lives. No pikkies sorry!
After a morning board meeting we decided with Brad and Eva to head off to Claude Warton Weir, just out of Gyndah. Brad and Eva left before us, checked the joint out and set up camp. We in turn arrived and set up (four hours later) and settled in for an extended happy hour
Just relaxing at the weir with Eva, Brad and the Bride. Of course the shower tent is out...
'and guess what no one camped on top of us
A board meeting @ Claude Warton Weir
"Here ducky ducky", Eva wants to cook Claude Warton Duck tonight
At the going down of the sun
Next stop Kilkivin Bush Camp and Moore

1 comment:

  1. How ya's goin.....lol.
    It was great to FINALLY see our names in print (he he)...no but seriously, it was really great hanging out with you guys and we took away some great memories from meeting you both. We are currently at Chaffey Dam, Bowling Alley Point on our way to Sydney for chrissy, and we quite often think 'wonder where Paul, Wendy, Val & Retro are, and who is Paul terrorising with his 'nudist' sign lol. It would be fantastic if we can keep in touch, and maybe in the near future have a get together at a convenient 'freedom camp' near us all. It would be a blast, to say the least.. :)
    Love & best wishes, from your friends in travel
    Eva, Brad & not to forget, Milo xxxx