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Saturday, 15 December 2012

197 - Moore

All camped up at Moore
After our last campsite we had decided we needed to move closer to Brisvegas, and as Brad and Eva, decided to head to Kingaroy, we decided to fast track our final destination of Camira in the western suburbs of Brissy.

That meant an over night stop at Kilkivin Bush Camp, before heading down the Black Butt Range. We have been to Kilkivin Bush Camp before, during our "tour of duty" at a motel in Kingaroy a few years ago. Unfortunately a change of owners at KBC meant we didn't extend our stay, based on our this visit..............................that speaks for itself.

We made a beeline for Moore. Yes, we were familiar with Moore as we passed this well known site a million times. Although Moore is on the main road, being the Deagular Highway, come 6pm the road was as quiet as a church mouse.

Moore is an excellent site, with very clean ammenities, soap dispensers and driers, do you mind. If you are there early enough there is power provided for the first two vans in and free to boot, and also adequate shade for the power users. However you have to be early to get these sites.

 A local feeding a local at Moore
We left Moore and headed to our destination. We will be here in Brissy for a couple of months while we hide from the annual silly season. We will however be having Chrissy with some very dear friends, and during this time we will be visiting other areas, so stay tooooooooooned 

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