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Sunday, 16 December 2012

198 - North Stradbroke Island

Alan, The Bride and Helen  waiting at Stradbroke Island Ferries

While we are hiding in Brissy during this holiday period, it was decided to visit North Straddie, a favourite holiday spot for Alan, Helen and families. The bride and I have never spent any time in Brissy, always heading towards the south and north coasts, so we jumped at this opportunity to visit the island.

Our relationship with Alan and Helen goes back to 1979, and as their working persona was also hospitality management. That meant we didn't get together that often, however now we are both working for Ms Gillard, it is an apt time to again enjoy some R & R with these great friends.

I had visions of North Straddie to be like Fraser Island in a way, however was convinced that the island has sealed roads, with caravan parks, shops and the dreaded newsagency.......so the bride was impressed......can't go a day without putting lotto in!!!!!

The main parking area at Cleveland (base side suburb of Brisvegas)
The Big Red vehicular ferry
The whole set up reminded us a lot of our days on Fraser Island, when either catching the commuter ferry or the barge to and from the island.
The girls having a pose before boarding the barge
Tea or coffee madam??????????????????
The upsairs deck was really cool. Comfortable chairs, lotsa goodies to munch on and the view spectacular.
The barge was chokers
Once we arrived on the island at Dunwich, which is a little bit ordinary to be kind, we then headed off  to Amity Point, then along the beach to Adder Rock. That was a lot of fun, hadn't been beach driving since we had our Susuki on Fraser Island.
The camp ground at Amity Point is perfect for kids, and for the keen fisherpersons. Being right on the calmer side of the island (in the passage actually) with a swimming enclosure for safe swimming. There are several neato shops from seafood to clothing apparel, and a great sports club.
We headed off to Adder Rock Camp Ground which was my pick. This camp ground was right on the beach, and accessable by normal cars, however Alan and Helen usually camp down the beach in the dunes. Unfortunately the Val wouldn't get to those dune type camping spots....draaaaat!!!!! Adder Rock appealed to me for all sorts of reasons, however the au natural yoga practiced by the local hippies was right up my alley. Might join them next time (he he!!!!!!)
Alan checking out Amity Point
Didn't take any photos around Adder Rock, however our next destination was the famous Point Lookout. This is an area fairly up market in the residential arena, with a surf club, over priced hotel, rip off shops and the usual holiday rentals. Unfortunately the beach was closed due to rough conditions, so we took the odd photo and promplty nicked off. I can say now "been there done that."
Point Lookout Beach...................rough as guts
This is a little beach to the north of Point Look Out
As we were booked on the 3pm barge out of Straddie, we really didn't really have a lot of time to pussy foot around. So in summary we visited Dunwich, Amity Point, Adder Rock, Cylinder Beach and Point Lookout. We had lunch at Amity Point Sports Club, the girlies spent favourably at the clothing shop, the bride visited the newsagency, and we had ice creams waiting for the return trip in the barge.
All in all a great day out, but not long enough. One did give a bit of thought of going over to the island after the silly season, taking the Val and RetroLiner, however the 300 buckeroos just for the barge is a little to much for this little black duck.
Stay toooooned for Bribie Island 

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  1. Crikey...it must be 25 years since I was on Straddie and camped down on Amity Beach. Like you I cannot justify 300 Royals to take WWWGO over on the barge. New plans. We are taking five days to go to Sydney/Wollongong for Christmas. Not happy about driving on Christmas Eve so will have to be extra vigilant. Happy Christmas.