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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

200 - Chrissie Street Party

The terrible two enjoying the street festivities
One would think that being retired one would have lots of time to up to update blogs. Well “you know what,” it is all about being in the mood to do blogs,  and with the hectic life style we lead (not) just getting off the lounge is a major feat in itself…..but hey I ‘m striking while the iron is hot, so here goes.
So during our time here in Bris Vegas at our friend’s house, just prior to Chrissie we went to a street party.
Santa Clause time.......naaaa it's not me

Now I haven’t been to street party for a gazillion years, so I was really impressed that all these neighbours got together, with the blessing of the council, and the boys and girls in blue, physically blocked off a street (dead end anyway) They created a stage, entertainment, fireworks and porta loos, do you mind, for all and sundry to enjoy some Chrissie festivities. How good was that.
Some local entertainers....these kidz were good
Our invite was because our friend’s son and his family live in this particular street. So much food and soda water as I was the “Sober Bob” for the night, and we all had a great time.
Fireworks....boy was I excited (he he!!!)
Two grandpas singing silent night....great melody (feeeeeerk it was crook)
Two grandmas crying out "Put a sock in it grandpas"
A couple of Jolly Old Soles


  1. Wow what a party! I haven't seen a street party that well set up! Normally a few sausages on the barbie or is that just showing my age :)
    Cheers Shell

  2. Hey Shell

    Thanks for your comment. Will agree a real cool gig. I send ya an email