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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

201 - Clickety Click....................66

In 66, I was SINGLE….Sexy, Intelligent, Noble, Good looking, Lovable, Exciting
At 66, I am a TAP….Tight Arse Pensioner
In 66, I was riding, the wild, wild surf
At 66, I am riding, a motorised scooter

In 66, it was the Age of Aquarius
At 66, it is the Age of Viagra

In 66, I was an indoor sportsman
At 66, I watch it on SBS
In 66, I grew my hair
At 66, I don’t have any

In 66, KRAFT was cheese
At 66, KRAFT is a disease (Kan’t Remember A Feeeeerk’n Thing)

In 66, I was no longer a teenager
At 66, I am a Geriatric Gypsy

In 66, I was listening to, “The Doors”
At 66, I can’t hear anything

In 66, it was sex, drugs and rock roll
At 66, is that a prescription?

In 66 I was lucky to work
At 66, I am lucky to wake up

In 66, if you didn’t remember it………..you weren’t there
At 66, was I really there??

Clikety Click...................66...........Happy birthday to me on January 25th


  1. Very funny Paul :)
    Cheers & Happy Birthday Shell
    P.s Pretty wet up here!

  2. Happy birthday Paul.

    I was 62 back on the 8th January.

    Same day as Elvis, except I look better than him these days.



  3. Happy Birthday Paul! from Alan & Gloria "ALORIA RETREAT". Well versed...all in the same boat once you're over 50. Great photo snap...ironically we have s similar one which is on our blog.
    Great Aquarian minds think alike.
    Cheers Alan.

  4. Hi guys and thanks for your wishes and comments. One has got to be a bit silly in ones life. On the road again next week, I think!!!!