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Friday, 1 March 2013

204 - What Is It With The Weather

The bride after four weeks of disgusting weather

(Beginning of whinge) Totally over mini cyclones, gale force winds that would blow a drovers’  dog off it’s chain, torrential rain, and the wet and soggy everything. The Val is soaked inside, due to a common design fault when it rains, the RetroLiner creaking continually to the blow of the wind, the bride is bored and keep on saying “feeeeeeeeeeeeerk this caravanning caper,  and I have enough of fighting with the elements.( End of whinge)
Basically since we left Camira end January, we have had only one week, the first week at Brunswick Heads that was reasonable. However, in saying that, a lot of the time was overcast, windy and generally unpleasant. So as I said at the end of the last post  “stand by for Brunswick 2”, well guess what,  for the second week we were just holed up in the RetroLiner, experiencing a mini cyclone, for nine days may I add, so an update would have been a waste of time.
The grandess at the Penguin exibit

We bit the bullet at the end of this miserable week, as we needed to go back to the Gold Coast,  to catch up with our son Micheal, his wife Haylee, plus the two grandess, Brodie and Shaylah. They had driven down from Cairns. So we packed up from Brunswick Heads in the continuing cyclonic conditions, and headed north to the Gold Coast, and guess what; we arrived in the same conditions we left Brunswick Heads. So we set up in the cyclonic conditions again……..OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your'n in the front Pop, so you can get wet.
For the week we were there, total disaster weather wise. We did catch up with the kidz for the odd BBQ, a day at Sea World (looking tired these days) and was shouted a buffet dinner at Sea World Nara Resort.....Thanks Mike and Hayley
Found this big mumma swimming in the flooded caravan park
We are now at the Iluka Riverside Tourist Park, and you know what, it is still pissing down with rain and blowing a feeeeerk’n gale. OVER IT BIG TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ha Paul, don't worry it will be winter soon then it will be wet windy and cold. You need to get some fuel and the tank and get outta that part of the country. We've had a little rain down south but nothing like you describe. Cheer up it won't last forever.

    1. Gidday Brad. We are at Iluka at the moment and the weather is coming good. Don't need to be reminded about winter coming........just have to go back north again. Talk to ya soooooon.

  2. Hi Paul & Wendy,
    Bloody hell, we aren't even getting that up here :)
    It has been lovely, last bad storm we had was oswald & that only lasted a couple of days.
    We are planning to take the van to Darwin at the end of April & stay up there for a few months as Dave flys in & out of Darwin to work.
    Cheers guys stay dry Dave & Shell

    1. Hey Shell, I didn't think it would be long before you hit the road again. Sure understand the work thingy, gotta make a quid. Yep still raining off and on here on the NSW north coast. "Over It big time."

      Cheers and stay safe.

      Paul and Wendy

  3. Hi guys, don't want to brag but... we have had three straight days of sunny weather and another predicted for today. I think it all ends here though...another cyclone...Sandra... is up north and threatening Mackay. So that means another three weeks of miserable weather and BIG seas. We are at Dalmeny on the NSW south coast and will begin our slow move north on Friday. Have to be in Brisbane 11th April. Maybe we can see you along the way. Cheers

    1. Hey Frank

      Wash your mouth out with this fine weather caper.

      At Iluka at the moment, and possibly down to Coffs or thereabouts Friday week. Might hide down that way for Easter, then probably will head north again for the warmth.

      Keep in touch.