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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

205 - Iluka NSW

The sun is shinning....quick............ time get some sun
Well after three weeks of wind, rain and absolutely testing conditions, we are at last experiencing a spell of reasonably fine weather.
If you haven’t guessed it, we are now at Iluka at the Riverside Tourist Park. We are nearing the end of the second week here, and have decided to stay another week. Main reason being we are just biding our time, as Eater is nearing, and we need to hide during this period.

So on the 21st March, we are booked into a retreat at Glenreagh, more on that down the track. Once there we will miss the madening crowds and teems of kidz that inundate the north coast of NSW . School holiday in April will be the next challenge.

Little Toot on its way to Yamba

This time last year we visited this park, so a lot of photos were posted on the blog then. However this time around it is reasonably quiet, quite social, and if you want to go over to the thriving metropolis of Yamba, a simple and relaxing trip on the ferry from Iluka, and for the two us only $14.00 return. It pays to be a pensioner sometimes.

And what does one do at 5pm daily............HAPPY HOUR OF COURSE!!!!
What have we been doing………….very little. There are some great walks along the Clarence River, plus I have found a great beach, where I can walk for ever. The bride doesn’t come………..however the beaches are still just awful, due to the floods and rough seas. One would like to think they will recover, but to mine, it is going to take a long, long time.
Win us some money honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So in the meantime, just relaxing, consuming to many ales, socialising to much……….a’h it’s tuff being trailer trash.

Next time Glenreagh, or maybe more on Iluka.

Stay tooooooooooooned


  1. Good to see you are finally getting some sun and grog weather. Nice fold up boat BTW.

    1. Hey Brad, thanks for dropping by.

      I have sent you an email


  2. We are at Coledale Camp Ground near Wollongong. If you ever get this far south it is worth staying awhile. Right on the beach and senior cits only pay $22 per night for a powered site. Run by Coledale SLSC. Do not expect to find a site in school holidays though. Will start heading north on 1st April. Cheers...

    1. Hey Frank, good to hear from you.

      The furthest south I think we will get will be Sawtell. Still waiting for some very part time consulting to come up in this area.

      Keep in touch and let us know how you are traveling north.


      P & W