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Friday, 15 March 2013

206 - More On iluka

Nothing like a quiet gathering over looking the Clarence River On Sunset
As we get into our third week, the weather finally is coming good, and we are, all very social little vegemites and enjoy a cleansing ale.  However Friday 14th I went for my usual beach walk and the seas were so huge I couldn't walk any where................bugger

Ride, Ride, Ride The Wild Surf
We also had a visit from Gary and Janelle Osborne, who we have known since our days in Mackay back in  the 80's. We have always kept in touch and although we saw them at Clareview on our way down the coast, they happen to be at Tweed Heads this week and just drove down to say gidday.
Janelle, The Bride and Me of course............part of my harem 
Of course like all our gatherings, social little flutterbys we are, people are coming and going all the time. We said our goodbyes on Friday, to Pete and Debbie, didn't get a photo though. However on Saturday we all kissed, cuddled and cried again, when two more couples departed, being Ron, Margaret, Julie and Dave all from Lismore. Fantastic folks like Peter and Debbie to spend some time with, and no doubt will catch up again, somewhere in the great outdoors.
Ron, Margaret, Julie and Dave
We are slowly loosing our drinking buddies, however we still have Geoff and Helen from Darwin. They have been following our blog for 12 months or so, so it was great to get together.
 How come all us Geriatric Gypsies  enjoy an ale or two at 4pm. A'h well have to have another round tonite to find out why (he he!!!)
Stay toooooooooooooooooned for more on Iluka, hopefully.

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