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Sunday, 17 March 2013

207- Woody Head Back Beach

Back Beach Woody Head
Now me being the biggest nosey bum, and deserted beach finder extraordinaire in the world, in my adventurous travels exploring the unknown, over the last couple of weeks, I came across another jewel in the crown "Back Beach Woody Head"  Now this is one of those beaches, where global warming, or maybe it is the Carbon Tax, has affected the dedicated band of hearty soles, and for that reason, they have lost their swim wear....what is going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yooooo Hoooooo Anybody There!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So on a fine, sunny, an incredibly stunning day (haven't seen to many of those lately) we invited Brad and Eva, and Geoff and Helen, to lay our claim to our bit of sand on Back Beach Woody Head.
Unfortunately Brad and Eva couldn't make it .................to far to drive from Victoria (he he!!!), so the four of us donned our Safari hats, slipped on the sun shades, covered the more important parts of the anatomy with extra sun screen, and trudged along the gruelling sands of time, to find our Utopia.
What Are You Doing Mister???
At the southern end of this magic spot, we set up our temporary camp, which is protected from the southerly wind and swell, being a fantastic area, to sun and swim. Not for the faint hearted however.
Put That Underwater Camera Away!!!!
After  several hours, we decided to head back to camp to venture forth again on Sunday.
As The Sun Sets Slowly On The Big Day At the Beach............
......................And Waking Again To Another Perfect Day
Hi Ho, Hi Ho.............It's Off To The Beach We Go.
Stay toooooooooooooned for Glenreagh I think!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. WooooHooooo Paul you cheeky bugger I hope the water wasn't as cold as it is down Paradise Beach VIC way. Lucky Milo wan't there he may have fancied a snack, he does like those chicken necks.

  2. Hey Brad and Eva

    Thanks foor your comment. I have sent you an email


    P & W