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Monday, 1 April 2013

208 - Glenreagh Getaway

The Bride and "The Golden Dog" in Glenreagh
We left Iluka mid- morning, and having only an hour or so drive in front of us, meant for a leisurely journey down the Pacific Highway to Grafton, then off around the outskirts of Grafton, allowing us to link up to the Arora Way to Glenreagh.
Enjoying Friday night dinner at the "Golden Dog" pub

Now Glenreagh is just a village basically, steep in logging, however our destination was a beautiful property about two kays out of town southbound, then for another two kays of graded dirt. Our destination is a very delightful getaway known as ‘Glenreagh Getaway”, with ample camping areas with power and water, beaut heated pool, sauna, spa and camp kitchen, with an activity room just up a bit from the main camp kitchen. Inside this area, there is an humongous TV, open fire, pool table and lounging areas, and all this for  just over twenty bucks a night. We have actually been here before, in 2006, when we were staying at Coffs Harbour, albeit only a day visit, and vowed one day to return for an extended stay in our van. Well here we are!
The pool and rec area of Glenreagh Retreat
On arrival we were greeted by Geoff and Helen our partners in crime from Iluka, and were expecting Brad and Eva to be set up as well, but after, near on a week here, they are yet to be seen. Maybe they got lost (he he!!!)
Apart from Geoff and Helen, and another couple, as well as the owners, we are it. By all accounts Easter, and the forth coming school holidays, won’t be that busy either, so what a great way to hide from the east coast maddening crowds during this crazy period.

From the time we arrived here, of course lots of socialising, happy hours, but also a lot of de-stressing  just hang’n out in the pool, not that we need de-stressing. For a change the weather has been very kind to us, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t say to much.
Even got our own ensuite
The view is sensational
    We will probably shoot into Coffs Harbour after Easter to catch up with the rellies, and to visit my Mum and Dad’s cremation plot at the Coffs Harbour Crematorium.

 Stay tooooooned for more on Glenreagh………………….coming sooooooooooooooooon!!!


  1. Only just discovered your new blog ... can't shake me off that easily!!! LOVE the Golden Dog and the camp area looks sensational! Who knows - may see you there sometime?!?!

    1. Hey Red Nomad Oz, great to hear from you. Glad you found the new blog, I've been worried sick about you.

      Come on up and enjoy Glenreagh Getaway (he he!!!)

      Cheers and beers

  2. By the time we arrived at Woody Head you had been and gone. We got the less than nice weather. Now arrived Brissie and will be here until October so if you are travelling though give us a call. Cheers