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Friday, 19 April 2013

209 - Glenreagh Getaway 2

Aaaaaah the morning view from our patio deck
Before I start with this post, we are a little behind due to poor internet reception. We are currently at Glen Innes in the new England High Country, and we are feeeeeerk'n feeez'n. From sunning the buns only days ago to being covered neck to knee with enough regalea to feature in the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. Not happy Jan!!!!!!
Anyway after two weeks at Glenreagh, we decided to stay for another week or so, even though our mates Geoff and Helen moved on for family reasons. So we promptly moved to their site, better known as “Glenreagh Heights”. Great views from here, and with the morning sun streaming onto the patio deck, makes for a glorious way to start the day. All the other guests at the camp, who were here over Easter, have also moved on leaving us “home alone.

The rain doesn't come that way, silly moo!!!!
What a fantastic place to have to our ourselves.  However, in saying that, we have wandered down to Coffs Harbour / Sawtell a couple of times, mainly to see the bride’s sister and family, as well as my brother and partner, who live only streets apart. Also another important part to our visit to the big smoke, was to visit the crematorium where my parents are “in residence” and resting in peace.

Our visit was a fairly moving, as you may remember the passing of the bride’s nephew in June 2012, and we visited Sawtell Beach Headland, where his ashes were scattered, over the back beach, where Josh (the brides nephew) had spent many a day surfing the back beach break. There has been a memorial stone laid, overlooking the surfing break, however we couldn’t find it, although our thoughts were passed on.
Sawtell headland and back beach.......Josh's second home

Had a couple of days at Sawtell, did the shopping thing,  hung out at Bunnings, Auto Barn, Camping World, Clarke Rubber to name a few, and our favourite place…………not…..Park Beach Plaza. After two days we had enough of the big smoke, and glad to head back to our getaway.
One of the locals at Glenreagh Retreat coming up for happy hour

Another reason for our extended stay here; we have been waiting for a former employer of our ours, who was to purchase another motel, and we were to do some very, very casual consulting. However that “tour of duty” has finally fallen over, so we will make plans to wander off somewhere in the future.

I want to head west, then North West, and loiter around south west Queensland, however the bride wants to go to Melbourne to see her beloved Annie. I don’t have an issue with that, however not the best time of year to head to down there. To feeeeeeeeerk’n cold for the old fart here.

Stay toooooooooned!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Guys,
    Nice post but i'm with you Paul I wouldn't be heading towards Melbourne with winter coming - I hate the cold!
    Cheers Shell

  2. Ha Paul, Good to see you are on the move again. Come to Melbourne it's no colder than Glenn Innes. We are currently at Seymour hanging around not doing much, come visit.

    Cheers Brad

  3. Hi P & W
    Hope you enjoyed the Glenreagh Heights, can only imaging your gear for the Mardi Gras .. he, he.
    No sympathy from here for the cold weather, arrived in Albury yesterday and experienced over night temp of 5 degrees. Only 5 weeks until we head north.
    G & H

  4. Hi everybody.

    Thanks for dropping by. Currently in Inverell for about 5 days, then who knows where. Minus 5 the other morning @ GI, Thank Christ we got out of there.

    I will drop you all an email.



  5. Ooooh! Sure glad we are in Brissie for the winter. Glen Innes is cold but further up the range at Guyra cold takes on another dimension. The sun shines but has no warmth.Cheers

    1. Hi Frank. Thanks for your comments. I sent you an email. Trust you and Donnis are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm in Brisvegas, cause we ain't (he he!1)