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Monday, 6 May 2013

211- Glen Innes New South Wales

Once again, we are way behind on our blogs, and where we are at the moment, just can't get any photos up because of poor internet reception. Hopefully the story will post and will try to up load photos when we get to a better spot.

For those who like old buildings, there you go

Anyway enough of that! After our last post we limped into Glen Innes into a CP. However the choice was a good one, after all the poor decisions made of recent times. A neat park, quite small, very friendly, but “Stone The Flam'n Crowe's,” it was bitterly cold. So cold in fact, all the brass monkeys had their unmentionables frozen off. How anybody can live there, beats me! But I am a sook, anything below 30 degrees, and it is good night dick for me, let alone trying to find it.

A bit fresh dear!!!!
So two nights, and one day was more than enough in Glen Innes. We did the traditional walk around the town, a little tired to be kind, and not being into old buildings as such...the walk around was quite boring. We have been to Glen Innes quite a few times, traversing the New England Highway from Brisbane to Sydney. Of course Glen Innes has a very strong Scottish heritage, known as Celtic Country.
The bride a bit warmer now, hang'n out at the Australian Standing Stones
We did however visit the “The Australian Standing Stones.” They are known as the national monument to Australian Celtic pioneers. If one wants to look up their history, “Google It” as I won't bore you with the details. However it was so cold while we were wandering around, even though the sun was out, my bloody teeth were rattling so hard, every time I spoke to the bride, the dribble coming out froze like the mist of the English Moors.
Now if I can get this sword out of here, You're going to wear it Pauly Poos
After two nights of temperatures that were unbelievable, we high tailed it out of the thriving metropolis of Glen Innes, and headed to warmer country @ Inverell.
More on that next, so stay tooooooooooooooned

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  1. That will teach yas.. Its always cold at GI! Make sure you are somewhere warmer before we catch up. See ya