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Thursday, 9 May 2013

212 - Inverell & Copeton Dam

Having a bludge @ Inverell CP
We headed off to Inverell, as our plan was to go west then down the Fossickers Way to Tamworth, then maybe onto Sydney. Well the later part of the plan as per normal, didn’t happen, however let’s talk about Inverell and Copeton Dam.

Well what can I say about Inverell. A nice friendly country town, and about 10 degrees warmer than Glen Innes. When we left Glen Innes we were given a few tips on places to stay, albeit no free camps, “not having a bar of that,” said the bride in tones that one has become very familiar with. We checked into Inverell Caravan Park, nice spot, small and sunny. We had about five days there and scouted around the town as we do. Did the usual walk up the streets, checked out the newsagents for the bride, went to the pub, and do what we always seem to do, is sit in a CP. I am sure we are doing something wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A gazillion flying foxes, that nicely shat over the cars and vans.
During our stay, were told about Copeton Dam. That seems good to me!!!! Now Copeton Dam is very popular with locals, campers, geriatric gypsies, fisherperson etc. The long side as they call it, is for the rich people, very expensive, and has all the bells and whistles. The short side is for the poor people like us, and then there is the other side, where there is nothing but bush camping. “Ain’t goin’n there” was the cry from the 20 star camper. So a couple of days before we were to leave the CP, we took the 14kms drive out to the short side, you know the poor people’s side to check it out.
The view from our camp site @Copeton Dam
My my! what a neat joint. Bush camping with power and water, a couple of dunnies and showers, for both sexes, and the views were to die for, and only a tenner a night. So we had a bit of a chat to the other campers, well spaced apart may I add, and it was decided, to head there for at least four nights before heading west. Even the 20 star camper was impressed, well, as impressed as a 20 star camper can be. (he he!)

Great spot

So after our five days at the CP at Inverell we headed to the short side of the dam, for the poor people, and 4 nights went to 6. What did we do? Nuth’n!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just lazed around like a couple of couch potatoes, sat in the autumn sun, checked out the awesome view, joined the odd happy hour camp fire, and consumed copious amounts of chateau de cardboard. Gotta stop drinking this stuff. Now is this what we should be doing???? Even the 20 star camper is comfortable.

Cranking up the fire for happy hour

A bit chilly dear
Can't beat a good campfire and the odd red or 400
After six nights it was time to continue our journey………………………………..but as per normal with the Retro Roamers, there is a twist, and that twist is bigger than the plot out of Downton Abby, and I hate that show!!!

So stay tooned


  1. Great post Paul,
    loved the photos,we just got back to Darwin after spending a few days in Kakadu in our tent :)
    Cheers Shell

  2. Hey Shell, I will send ya an email


    P & W