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Sunday, 19 May 2013

213 - Is This End Of The Retro Roamers

O'h no not the Val
Is this end of the whole show!!!!!!!! The Retro Roamers, the adventures, the fun….….we must have run over a Chineman.

For whatever reason after our six nights at Copeton Dam, our future movements, were surrounded by a haze of doubt. Was it 20 star camping? Was it a sense of further rotten luck? Was it an another option for the bride to get to Sydney and Melbourne?

Don’t know……….but instead of heading west to destinations and excitement unknown…Na…didn’t do that. Believe it or not, with the pending possible gloom and doom, it was decided to return to the mid north coast, back to Glenreagh. Now go figure that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we packed up, taking our usual two hour episode, and then headed east, not west. So we just simply just back tracked the same route we had just taken two weeks earlier, with no stops. So three hours later we were back at Glenreagh. Now go figure that one as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with great expense of fuel, just gotta win lotto and retire the Val, we arrived at Glenreagh. Did the usual two hour set up……… over this packing and unpacking big time, and just sat and wondered, why did we do all that!

To continue on, I did notice the Val expressing its disgust, in doing a torturous journey, up and down mountains, and was complaining with bubbling, groaning and farting. Put it bed however, with the bride and me settling in for the night. In saying that, I dreamt of that Chineman…mmmmmmmm.

The next morning guess who knocked on the door. Yep you guessed it, the Chineman we must have run over, and said the Val wouldn’t start. Sure enough, plenty of fire in the starter motor, but from there nothing. So with enormous amount of testing, with the help of others, it felt the problem was the coil. Now you just don’t buy a coil at Glenreagh do ya.

So we decided the best bet was to get the NRMA out to the property. Surprisingly they arrived within an hour of the call, coming from Coffs Harbour, however after much testing, it was decided the Val needed to be towed into Coffs…………feeeeeeeeerk!

To cut a long story very short, the Val was towed into Coffs, with the repairer, giving us a loan car, thank heavens. Twenty Four hours later, the verdict….a burnt out electronic ignition system, stuffed coil and a few bits and pieces for the dizzy. With great expense to the management here, the fantastic plastic groaned under the weight of the out going funds, coupled with the cheering of the banking moguls, ripping more interest out of us. The Chineman kept laughing, the bank account hemorrhaging big time.
Was this the result of the haze of doubt? Was it the 20 star camping scenario? Was it the sense of pending problems? Was it the other option for the bride to get to Sydney and Melbourne? Or just the Chineman with the shits.

Whatever it was, the end result was expensive. We are going no where extra fast, but as the bride said, it could have cost us big time if we were out in the scrub. We can argue that one, till the cows come home…..ho..he.. ho.. hum.

So at the time of writing this blog, we have come to a dead stop.

To be continued maybe., cause now I've got the shits!!!! 


  1. Dreadful news guys, hopefully that Chinaman has done his deed & the Lotto god will take over :)
    Keep in touch,cheers Dave & Shell xx

  2. Oh dear oh dear oh dear, what rotten luck. Sorry to hear about your tribulations. I see you wrote the post 4 days ago so perhaps things have resolved themselves and you have the Val back and good as new. In hindsight I would agree that it is probably a good thing you headed for Glenreagh instead of further west.

  3. Hey Guys

    Thanks for your comments, I have sent you both emails.

    Cheers and beers

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