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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

214 - Sawtell

What again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yep always seem to gravitate to this part of the world.

Well what are we doing............................sort of house sitting. We were here 12 months ago, so it is basically a repeat of that session in 2012. The RetroLiner is all tucked away and in storage, and the Val, well the Val, is screaming in pain to be retired. Suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So until something happens, which Centrelink is doing everything in their power to continually beat the bride up, which keeps us here for the foreseeable future. We are land locked till further notice.

Might have to come out of retirement and go back to relief management. Ho, he, ho, hum, so much for being retired, and travel this brown land.

Stay tooooooooooooooned but don't hold your breath.



  1. Hi guys,
    great to hear from you, even though it wasn't great news :(
    Chin up something will turn up.
    Cheers Dave & shell

  2. Thanks Shell. I will drop you an email

  3. Hi P & W,
    Glad to see ya haven't dropped of the map and I'm sure the Val is happy to have a spell from dragging the Retro Liner around. When all the boxes are ticked at Cenrelink I'm sure the wheels will be spinning.
    At last we are getting some sun ;o) will talk soon.
    Cheers Geoff & Hels

  4. hey guys, great to hear from ya!

    I will drop you a line.

    Cheers and beers