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Monday, 24 June 2013

215 - You Are Going Where!!!!

Here we are in the depths of winter.

Every Geriatric Gypsie, Blonde Haired Fossil, Grey Nomads, Nuters, Do Gooders and hoards of noooooooodies, have undertaken their usual migration from the freezing depths of mother Australia, to the warmer climes of OZ.
So what are the Retro Roamers doing…………………..going the other way aren’t we! Are you for real, the cry went up!

Yep, afraid so. So on July 4th we are heading out of Coffs Harbour on the Virgin big bird to Melbourne. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! Now I haven’t been to Melbourne, since Molly Meldrum interviewed Prince Charles, John Farnham was hanging out with Sadie the Cleaning Lady, and Glen Shorock from the Little River Band had hair. 

Our time there, round about two and a bit weeks. A compassionate reason takes us there. Might have to catch up with my great rugby league mates, Billy, Cam and Cooper. We will just hang out together, and sink a couple real beers, xxxx of course. I am sure they will be chuffed to see me.
Now I could be in trouble here however.  My  wardrobe consists of three pairs of boardies, two Tee shirts and a pair of thongs.  How good am I going to look at Spencer Street Train Station, in my best Billabong boardies, Byron Bay Tee Shirt and the only pair of Havies, I own.  I will probably get arrested for indecent exposure. O’h well, looks like I will have to go to Vinnies..

So stay tooooooooooooned


  1. Paul, it's great down south there aren't any Geriatric Gypsie, Blonde Haired Fossil, Grey Nomads, Nuters, Do Gooders or hoards of noooooooodies down here. You will need to make that trip to vinnies though if you want to keep the picadillies warm. The cold is only an issue to the poor buggers that have to work in it.

  2. I Like Brad's comment :)
    There are alot of the above mentioned up here. I can't drive into Innisfail without seeing atleast 5 vans!
    Keep warm guys!
    Cheers Shell

  3. Hey Guys, great to hear from both of you.

    Yep the journey will be different to be kind. Vinnies here I come.

    I will drop you both a line.