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Friday, 12 July 2013

217 - How Much???????????????

Is this Squizzy's House?
Well after a  week in Melbourne, on the positive side the weather has been, well, very Melbourne in the depths of winter. Those who have visited this part of the world, will know what I mean. Clothing wise is black, black or black.

We are staying at Middle Park, which is only a stones throw from Port Phillip bay, St Kilda and South Melbourne. In saying that it is all pretty trendy. Reminds me a bit of my younger years in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Lots of terrace type houses, back lanes, trams and one gets the feeling the "Squizzy" from Underbelly is going to jump out at any time from the myriad of lanes, with a machine gun. Interesting.

But the whole joint is sooooooooooooooo expensive, all to much for a couple of very poor Geriatric Gypsies, who now work for Kevin Dudd.

Of course the Bride is spending a lot of time with Ann in the nursing home. However one afternoon, we took the opportunity to catch a tram into the city, and check it out. The last time I was in Swanston Street Melbourne  was 40 odd years ago, with a couple of surfie mates,  Macca and Crowe, on our way the Bells Beach, in Crowe's trusty hotted up vee dub. 

Finders Street Rail Station
Of course Sydney and Melbourne are poles apart, and still are. However image three surfie dudes originating from Sydney eastern beaches around the nineteen sixty something, with blonde hair, boardies and pluggers, floating down Swanston Street full of bad manners, grooov'n out to music from JPY, Chain and the Loved Ones to name a few. It then becomes very scary when confronted with all types of weirdos, beggars, misfits and some real scary numbers, especially the skin heads, with their shaved heads, coloured hair, what was left of it, studded everything and steel caped boots.

Feeeeeeeeeeerk was this for real...........................well guess what, nothing has changed.
The big difference is the multi cultural population. Felt like the odd one out, if you get my drift. I couldn't understand what was being said for love nor money from anybody, Must be very Melbournian.

Yep I'm still a chic magnet (he he!!)
Anyway we wandered down Swanston Street and headed towards Federation Square to play "Tom the Tourist."  We didn't stay in the city to long, cause really we were out of our comfort zone, so to speak.
The only cheap burger we get was at a "chew and spew joint" down near the station. This is the first time ever, the bride and I felt really uncomfortable. Not only was the joint filthy dirty, but some eccentric wandered in with no shirt on, army camouflage pants, covered in tats all over the body, including his melon, and with the outside temperature about 40 degrees below zero, may I add. Feeeeeeeeeeeerk is this turkey is going to spray the joint with a M16. 

The  bride outside Federation Square........bloody expensive if you
want to look at anything.
Maybe we should go there to save us
 Hey Lady, maybe you know where the noooooooodie beach is
We wandered around for only a short time, and decided to head back to catch the tram 112 back to our residence.
Where have you two been. I have been worried sick!!!!
Stay toooned for the next adventure in Melbourne.


  1. Good luck there in Melbun. Brissie beginning to grow on us but could not live here. Be wAry of Squizzy. My dad always told me stories about him. Hang in there. I am told things will get better.

    1. Thanks Frank. All in all it isn't all that bad, just typical of the rivalry that goes on. Head back to the Coffs Coast on Saturday to continue another adventure.

      Good to hear from you.

      Cheers and beers

  2. Hey, sounds like your settling into being a southerner ...... he, he. It's obvious that the scarf, jeans and coat attracts the chics.
    Stay warm
    Geoff and Hels