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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

218 - We Ain't Going'n Anywhere In A Hurry!!!!!

Hi ya folks

We have been back from Melbun for nearly two weeks, and moved back into our beach side unit that we have been staying in. In saying that we are doing another house sit from 02/08/13 for a month at the Brides sisters house, also at Sawtell. After that we will return to our house sit beach side unit, till who knows when.
The Bride has also taken on voluntary work at Meals On Wheels also at Sawtell. Me, well I will just hang around on the beach. The RetroLiner is still at Glenreagh, and the Val is slowly dying before our eyes. Come on Lotto!
So that is it, as far as posting and travel news for the time being.  Nothing is going to be worth reporting until something happens.
So all you travelers out there, I read all your posts that are linked to mine.................boy have I got the dribbles big time. O'h well keep on dreaming, dreaming.

For those I haven't contacted personally for a while, I lost all my addresses when my lap top crashed in Melbun. I am trying to get them back.



  1. Hi Paul,
    At least you are are not in Melbourne anymore :)
    Cheer up, things will look up soon & summer is coming :)


  2. Hi Paul,
    I think you've got it figured out .... the sun is coming to you, saves burning all that gas in the Val chasing it all over the country.

    Will email you

  3. Hi Guys

    Thanks for dropping by. Yep a heat wave today @ 19 degrees in Sawtell. But sure is better than Melbun. Yep a few more weeks , then we can thaw out.

    Thanks for the email addresses.

    Till next time


  4. Hi Paul, will send you a private email...that is provided our address book has not disappeared again. Hmmm! Sure hope you win the lotto but at the same time I hope it is not the same one I want to win...hehehe! Maybe you can take some arty photos of Sawtell and put them on your blog. I like Sawtell and all those fig trees down the centre of the divided main street.

  5. Gidday Frank

    Thanks for your comments, I will drop you an email