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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

219- Yooooo Hoooooo We Are Still Here

Well I thought it time to let you know, we are still in the land of living..........at times just.
On the home front, we are still at Sawtell, in our little niche of our beach front unit, and the bride is the "Master Chef" at Meals On Wheels.
But on the other side of the coin, yours truly, has been affected by some mysterious bug, that has all the pundits scratching their melon and reverting to the Guiness Book of Records for answers.
Seems our recent trip to Melbun..............geeeeeeeeeeeezus I hate that pace, through the delights of freez'n weather, being shoe horned into dirty trams, and inhaling the breath incredibilis of Curry Chops, Sweet and Sour everything, Rolled Over Hoopus Poopus and over done Rovioli, mate I got the bug big time.
On my return to Sawtell I was admitted to the funny farm, with every disease know to man, a rash that looked like every chocolate freckle was poured over me, barking like a drovers dog, and a temperature that went off the Richoter Scale.
Any way I have been released, with a diagnosis of "no idea" However in saying that even though I have had more blood sucked out me than ""Sooky" from True Blood ever needed, still one nasty is yet to be identified. The next two weeks will tell on that one, and if positive, it will be put the Barby away, roll up the awning, as we are in for a hell of a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So after a million more blood samples, the next two weeks will be interesting.
So stay tooooooooooooooooned 


  1. Hi Paul,
    Sorry to hear of your "unknown" illness, hope all works out.
    Congrats to Wendy on the her Master Chef role :)
    Will send you an email.
    Cheers Shell

    1. Hey Shell, I will answer your email.

      Thanks and cheers


  2. Get well quick. We may be travelling south late November or early December so ya need to be well when we call on ya at Sawtelll. Cheers

    1. Thanks Frank. Every day getting better, but slow...........o'h so slow.

      May not be here November / December, looking at a co-manage / relief jobbie in Casino. Still working on that one.