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Monday, 11 November 2013

224 - I Have Found My Long Lost Brothers

How emotional! My brothers, my 70's bond, my just everything. I'm about to cry. We have been seperated all these years. You all look so fantastic. Come 'ere and give me a cuddle!!

Hey Val, we are united to beat up the D Max
And bugger me....another brother has just arrived
What! how many more brothers have I got.Blimey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just goes to show that when I am threatened by a D Max, we all unite!
Don't worry boys about beating up the D Max.................the cops are here!!!! 
Stay toooooooooned as the Val will be undergoing surgery shortly.


  1. Hey Charger !!

    (2 fingers raised in salute)

  2. Hey guys, I wondered where you two got to. If you are on Face Book, give us a hoy

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