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Friday, 10 January 2014

225 - You All Thought I Had Run Away

The bride getting ready for our week off
Hey Boyz and Girlz, far out, two months since my last post, where has that time gone. Well to get you up to speed we have been doing a "tour of duty" in Casino NSW since late October 2013, and really nothing to talk about, when we are back on the coal face. Blimey, I am suppose to be retired.

But alas, we finish this jobbie, in two weels, on me birfdy. Plan is to head towards, Grafton, Armidale and Tamworth. Try to get some more work, either in management or just coal face workers. Really got back into working after two years off so we will be knocking on a few doors.

Anyway we did take a week off from the 28th of December. We went to one of our favourite camp spots, which is only a hop skip and a jump from our base. The week off saw us see the new year in with a heap of other folks, with a theme of Oh La Lah. Didn't think I would make it to midnight, but I came good about 11 o'clock, and it was party time for the old geezer here.

All in all, a great week off. Caught up with a heap of people, socialised as you do, and really just bumed around for the week. Yep had some bloody hot days, some cracker storms, and the day we returned to our coal mine, it must have been 40000 degrees. The Val was not happy, lugging the RetroLiner over the range coming back. Feeeeeeeeerk what a mission.

The rest of this blog will be some pikkies.

All camped up with the external shower ready to go. No peeking now!!!
Anybody home
Just a few more happy campers
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to the loo we go
Ooooops did they forget the doors!
Stay toooooooned for when we run away!!!!!!!!!