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Monday, 10 February 2014

226 - On The Road Again.

Breaker...breaker big buddy.........I'm lost!!!

Yes I am a bit behind in keeping this blog up to date, however our three month "tour of duty" has now concluded in the thriving metropolis of Casino New South Wales.

We enjoyed this tour. It was a small property, where the bride and I did everything, but hey wouldn't have it any other way. When one starts working in rooms...no need to go to the Gym or do Yoga. Housekeeping is the remedy to get rid of the blubber that conglomerates around the middle part of the body, and the fat arse that tends to creep on when you are an "old aged pensioner."

Casino a nice little town, with most things one wants.  Managed to get some canvas work done for the RetroLiner, get the Val serviced and some rust cut out. The RSM club, a neat joint, but the bistro meals were extremely expensive for a club. We found a good Chinese and the Cecil pub, a good spot for a Friday night meals.

The negatives.........yep the restless locals, who loved smashing windows in the main street, or just got up to no good in the car park of Maccas and that other fast food outlet Chew and Spew. 

Yes, but there is more. The verbal diahrea that dribbled from these inebriated beings, sometimes outside the property, traditionally at some ungodly hour of the night, were reminisce of Captain Black Beards orgy on the poop deck, with terminologies of communication, way beyond the Oxford Dictionary terms of reference. The educational process of these out of control morons just might have something to do with the NSW Parliament in their wisdom of not supplying enough money in their policing budget for 24/7 police coverage in Casino.......damn politicians, I am sure they need a red hot poker somewhere up the anatomy.

The RetroLIner with the shower tent at Grafton

We headed for Grafton, looking for another "tour of duty" and to catch up with our mates Eric and Shannon, who we hadn't seen for a while. Spent about 5 days with them. During the days when Eric and Shannon, had other commitments, we went knocking on doors looking for some work. 

But importantly enjoying each evening, with Eric and Shannon, firstly consuming a feast fit for a King and Queen, laced with home brewed Ginger Beer with about 200% alcohol, a red or ninety, and the Coopers Ale.............put lead in ya pencil. 

Discussions were centred around mainly of the workings of Eric's Boot Legging, and of the De Bortoli inner sanctum of fine wine making. Many an evening was interrupted by the sounds of dribble falling endlessly from the feeding apparatus (mouth), and the short sightedness as a result of bleeding eyes, with intermittent raucous laughter towards the writer, trying to be decent after a skinny dip. Even the dogs couldn't cope. 

No rock'n and roll'n in the RetroLiner for these two after hours. Couldn't find it, even if it did work. Your fault Eric...........but thanks for the memories.

When we did manage to clear our eyes and hold a sensible conversation, Shannon took us on a tour of her territory aound the big river area of Grafton. We went to Wooli and Mini Waters, up to McLean, then down through............dunno............forget the little town, then across the Clarence on a punt and back to Grafton.  A couple of pikkies for ya!

The bride and Shannon on the big hill at McLean

Come on board if you are game!

The mighty Clarence River

I hope it doesn't sink!!!!!

Stay tooooooooooooooned for the "Dale"