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Saturday, 1 March 2014

227 - The Dale

We left our friends Eric and Shannon at Grafton and headed to the “Dale”. For those not in the know, The “Dale” is Armidale New South Wales.

As per normal one hell of a run up. Can’t seem to get away from mountains. The poor old Val struggled, coughed, farted, and generally not sociable. However I guess we are on top of the Great Dividing Range.

We made camp at the Armidale Showgrounds, as the dam which was highly recommended was closed. So the next best option was the showgrounds - cheap, clean and not a lot of other campers. We did have a loopy beside us, who talked on his mobile phone all day to America, continually arguing the point, to persons unknown, that the World Trade Towers in New York, were not destroyed by terrorists, banging high jacked planes into them, but the FBI blew them up. I am sure he was on some sort of hoooochie chooooch laced with Viagra and speed.  In saying that he was harmless, just old and in need of a good norty.

Did our thing in the Dale. Caught up with our great friends Rick and Julie who own a motel there, checked out the dam (open for day visitors), did a free two hour tour, knocked on a few doors looking for some work, went to the RSl and tried that out -  only fair. However in all travels so far the best meal we have ever had in a club, was the Armidale Bowling Club. If you are ever in the “Dale” good spot.
Generally Armidale is a nice town. Weather wise, a little cool at times and quite hot also. Yep the whole area is dry. Needs a bucket load of rain, although in saying that, they have ample water storage in other dam close by.
We also took a drive down to Uralla and also Guyra. More on that next time. So here are some photies.

The Bride Checking Out Low Tide at the Dam at the Dale
We Upgraded our camp site
Our Next Door Neighbour's Pet
We upgraded Our Accommodation Because Of Our Neighbours Pet
Stay toooooooooned for Captain Thunderbolt at Urualla

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