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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

229 - Chaffey Dam

Chaffey Dam
Headed down the highway from the "Dale" and made a bee line for Chaffey Dam. The Dam is south west of Tamworth, and what a great spot. Miles of room for camping, flushing toilets, hot showers and only five bucks a nite.The dam however is very low, but the area is in drought, so that's life.

Wake up in the morning, and check out the view overlooking the lake, with the local populations of cattle grazing under your awning.

A fine looking Geriatric Gypsie
We visited he local town of Nundle, what a cute joint. made ourselves know to the local pub, caravan park and motel, to see if they needed some u beaut hospitality professionals, but "not now was the cry." Drat!

All set up at Chaffey Dam
Good morning troops
Stay tooooooooned for................ not sure!!!!!


  1. Wow, nice spot. $5 bucks a night is a pretty good deal :)
    Cheers Shell

  2. Hi Shell
    Great place and its good to be on the road again.
    Great to hear from you and stay safe.
    Cheers P & W