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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

230 - Just Wandering

Siding Springs Telescope at Coona
Blogging is all about motivation.

Me, I am as motivated as a Galapagos Turtle looking for a norty at 100 years of age. So I have given myself an upper cut, a karate chop, and see if I can present you lovely people out there, some sort of seine travel writing about the Retro Roamers here.

We still seek casual employ in the hospitality industry, and in all honesty, they say there is plenty of casual work in the hospitality arena, but geeeeeeeeeeeezus seems old farts like me and the bride are just past our used by date.

O'h well we have to get a 10000 points for trying.

So back to my usual dribble.

After Chaffey dam we did a quick trip over to Coona, short for Coonanabaran. On the way we lost the satellite dish off the back of the van, stayed in an overnight camp at Premer, breaking the golden rule of never camp alone , so what did we do.......camped alone. "Dick Heads".  Now the bride has gone from a 10 star camper a year or two ago to fairly recently 20 stars, and now our stay at Premer now puts her in the category of about 100 stars. So you can image when we finally settled down for the night, the question was having a nice time dear? The reply was get stuffed!!!!. So I guess playing Mummy's and Daddy's was out of the question. (he he!!)

Didn't get murdered, so all is good, but a restless night to be kind. In saying that the Premer camp does have power, water, flushing toilets and hot showers. For $12, good value for money, thanks to the local Loins club.

Coona is a lovely town, with the claim to fame being the astronomy around the area.

This telescope is huge. Thought about asking for a lend of it to check out pretty girls on the beach.....I'm a boy that's my job.
More on Coona sooooooooooooooooon!!

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