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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

232 - Back to Coona

Okay let’s go back to Coona. We did the telescope thingy as in post 230. We stayed in a nice park - albeit a little noisy due to the Newell highway.

, however was intrigued about the bush fires of January 2013, which nearly wiped out the whole joint, especially on the way to the telescope. Something like 53 house were lost.

They tell us the fire was started by National Parks, doing a burn off in 43 degree heat and 60 knot winds on a Friday afternoon. Mmmmmmm!!! A mate of mine “Macca” just loves beauracrats. Guess what the burn off lads knocked off work at 5pm for the weekend, and seeing the burn off was done in unfavourable conditions, and no one to control the burn off being a weekend……………yahoo bon fire night with disastrous results.

Below you will see just a few of the results of bungling in reference to buring off, and these photos  are twelve months down the track. You should see the anger from land holders towards National Parks……….not nice!  

The landscape was just awful, although re-generation of the trees is very evident.

I do hear that forests need fire, however I am sure not as bad as this. 
After Coona we headed south



Friday, 4 April 2014

231 - Down Mexico Way

Is this Mexico or Cuba
Yep the Eagle has landed in Mexico. Well that is all I hear, that once you go across the NSW / Victoria border you are in Mexico. I guess it is all about "south of the border". But to us, that is two borders we have crossed since leaving Queensland early 2013. So are we in Cuba?
Well enough of that.....so at the time of writing this post we are in the Moama / Echua area. So as you can see from the "Coona" post, to where we are now, is a good hike. Which tells you, I have been super slack in posting. I will try to make up some ground.
Bit Sunny Dear
Also now, I know find it easier to post, where we are, on my Face Book page. There are those who follow the blog who are my Face book friends as well. So apologise to the dedicated followers of this blog, who aren't into Face Book, but I will try my utmost to catch up, via this form.

By posting on Face Book, and seeing, I have mastered this u beaut smart phone for photos, plus the plan from Telstra, it is very economical to keep everybody up to date where we are.

I am finding that just uploading photos to this blog is painfully slow, and chews up a heap of data. Hence I seem to be for ever giving Mr.Telstra more of my pension............how rude!!!!!!

So with little further do, I will endeavour to post daily until I catch up. In saying that I will work backwards till I meet up again with my last post. But in reality we are pushing on to Swan Hill and then Mildura. To add a little further, if the cold gets me, its back to the banana bending land.

Enjoy the photies of Echuca

Captain Bride......all aboard!!!
A fine looking vessel to roam the wild Murray
Who's driving this thing, when Captain Bride is on the plonk!!!!
Might just drop this in the Val
Now what size am I?.......I need a new pair of pluggers
Who's the good look'n dude being the figure head
Stay toned for something else, what I don't know!!!