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Friday, 27 June 2014

239 - Fort Courage

Don't disturb me now, cause I'm waiting for the Injuns

Fort Courage.............Krippies!!! sounds like a Cowboys and Indians set.

But alas it is a hidden fishing camp on the Murray River 18 kms out of Wentworth on the NSW southern border. What a hidden gem. Once again my mates from Wiki Camps told us to go there and we weren't disappointed. Sure it did look a bit feral, but hey we are Trailer Trash anyway, so we will fit in perfectly. 

Just checking out to make sure we aren't attacked from water by the Injuns

Now let me tell you about fort Courage. It is a van park set up by the Wentworth Anglers Club. Most of the fishing type guests blow in for a period of time, be it weeks, months or forever. Of course there are  there to fish for the Murray River Cod, or also know as Golden Perch, and do their level best to rid the river of Carp.

For the Brides brothers and sisters. This is where Joyce is !!!!

Then of course, there are a the Geriatric Gypsies who come here, just like us .......cause we can!! Some fish others do nothing, and just enjoy the atmosphere. The happy hour in the shed with a ranging fire, with a cast of thousands is just magnificent, and our time there coincided with the monthly fishing comp. What a blast on the Saturday night. Entertainment, magnificent meal and of course the Trailer Trash here got into the Karaoke, and all for a tenna a head. Great deal for poor old aged pensioners (he he!!!!!)

The Queens of Song

Trying to pick up the bride mister????

Man the boats the Injuns are com'n

The Injuns are here...Eeeeeeeeeek............we'll all be killed

All in all a fun spot, and the new amenities block had just opened. If you are down Wentworth way pencil in Fort Courage.................o'h and don't forget your six shooter!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

238 - Mirrool

Where the feeeeeerk is Mirool???

Mirrool, a thriving metropolis of 21 people, one pub, derelict grain solos to name a few. So whats good about that? Well my mate in Wicki Camps recons this joint is the ants pants, and guess what, exactly right.

Just between West Wyalong and Narrandera, basically the gateway to the Riverena, is this quaint little place. Not really a free camp, but for $10 a night, you get power, a brand new shower toilet block, BBQ area and free barbies, plus if you have kidz a play ground.

The dreaded Newell Highway. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

The Mirrool Pub, what a classic

The publicans of the pub are just sensational, however at the time of writing this, the pub is shut. I figured you can't make a living relying on 21 people. But I could be wrong.

However Mirroll is famous for a festival held every year in October where the punters come from far a wide to celebrate the day, that some footballer fella, you know that other game they play, more in Mexico, kicked a Sherrin football over the silos. Whatever tickles your fancy!

See I told ya only 21 people in the town

Excuse me mister, do you know where the beach is?

The grain silo they kick the ball over

The new shower toilet block. Couldn't help myself and cleaned them everyday.

The Val and the RetroLiner all camped up.

This is all part of the camp
Undercover BBQ's

Time to leave, but will return......maybe!!!

So if you are ever down that way there a lot of low cost camps maintained by the local community.  Stay toooooooooooned!

Friday, 13 June 2014

237 - Sydney

The bride just had to go back to Cronulla. A puberty blues time era

Sydney, was all about visiting my son Mark, his wife Heidi, and two grand kids Emma and Sam, plus the brides youngest brother Barry, his wife Vicki and their adult kids, Haylee and Matt. Also a must catch up with the brides great mate Sandy and her husband Darren.  She has been mates with them, since her teenage years.
A pikkie of me in fore ground

Can you see me surfing down there....... hu!

Just had to go to Sand Shoes for a surf as well. Can ya see me there too?

I will say however the road network on our part of the trip was just magnificent. Dual highway from Katoomba, 110 km speed limit, and very easy to find our way around. Yes the GPS did help. So all in all, a trip I was dreading, was made quite enjoyable, if you can call driving in Sydney enjoyable.

For the first two nights we stayed with the Brides younger brother Barry, his gorgeous wife Vicki, and Haylee (daughter) did give up her room for us. Matt their son an unbelievable musician, popped in occasionally. The kids if I can call them that 26 and 24, do what we all did at that age. Even back when I was that age, I was still at home, however only dropped in occasionally. That’s what you do, nothing changes!
Vicki, the sister in law, Barry the youngest brother and the bride

Of course the bride being a former Cronulla girl, we had to go to the beach, go for a walk, reminisce. Well that was enough for me. Even the bride said Cronulla and the shire is nothing like what it used to be……………………………well things do change, they have to, but unfortunately for the worst.

Traffic was horrendous, wall to wall people, all rushing here there and everywhere. While we were down walking around the beach area, there was an invasion from all these school  kids from western Sydney. That was different, couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Their uniform was foreign to me also, not how I see school kids going to school. I guess this is the direction of Sydney. Glad I am not part of it.

We did also catch up with the brides great mate Sandy and her husband Darren.  She has been mates with them, since her teenage years. So you can imagine lots of catching up to do.
The brides mates Darren and Sandra. Over 45 years of friendship

The final night in Sydney we spent at my sons place at Engadine.  So you can imagine lots of catching up after a four year absence. Emma (grand daughter) has grown into a charming young lady, and Sam their son, who we haven’t seen since birth, is a full on, super powerful, very lovable maniac. What a terror, but he is a mass of energy, and a very normal four and half year old.  My camera ran out of battery, most annoying.

The Sydney based grand children. Sam on the bike and Emma

After a great BBQ and a thousand glasses of red, we all retired for the night, waking the following morning with a breath that would kill a drovers dog, the smell being generated from the armpits was pure chateau d cardboard, bleeding from the eyes that would be welcomed from the blood bank, and a head like its been in the Sydney sewer since federation.

But that’s what you do when seeing family. We said our goodbyes on the Sunday morning, hoping our next visit won't be a four year absence. Fired up the Val and yep just a back track from our original down journey. However being a Sunday, a lot more traffic, and it seems all heading to Katoomba. Once out of the tourist traffic.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

239 - Parkes

The radio telescope at Parkes
In our travels we look for free camps and on one of our adventures we found a free camp half way between Wellington and Parkes. Just can't remember the camp nor the town, but as soon as we pulled up, the 100 star camper gave me a right cross, followed by a karate chop, and filled the cabin of the Val with a language that was reminisce of my time in the public bar at the Maroubra Seals Club. "Does that mean dear you don't think this is a nice place to stay."

Guess what we didn't stay, so it was off to Parkes, via the radio telescope.  My GPS took us on a direct route to the telescope, via road that was later discovered as "not suitable for caravans" Feeeeeeeeeerk, but we made it.

This is a must see spot when in that part of the world. However been there and done that now, but interesting to say the least. You may remember the Australian movie the "Dish" Well this is where it all happened.

Guess who!!!!!!!!! Professor Greenie
"Earth to Mars, this is Professor Greenie"
I might put this radio set in the Val
After the radio thingy we needed to find a spot to camp for the night, as at this stage I was buggered. Already driven to far for one day. We had a look at the showground in Parkes, once again the 100 star camper was very vocal. We ended up in a caravan park. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeerk I hate these places.
Even the Val could be retired for this beast. What a classic

238 - Gulgong

As the sun sets at Gulgong

Well we found the showgrounds in Gulgong, through Wiki Camps.Flushing loos, hot showers, however they were a bit "hows ya muther" considering on site caretakers.

The town itself is a neat joint, which is steep in history. The street scape is very unique and the bride thought the museum was very interesting. Well you know my thoughts about museums........say no more.

You may recognise the streets as the setting for a recent telemovie.

One of the main streets in the town of Gulgong
You really can feel the horse and cart era
The ten dollar motel............doesn't really reflect the current tariff.
The crown hotel dining area................nice atmosphere, but the $6.00 pensioners lunch special, was magnificent for a two year old. O'h well, home to have a sandwich.
Ah trailer trash at the show ground. Gotta luv it.
Maybe this will replace the Val
What's happened to the Val at the showground

Monday, 9 June 2014

236 - Mudgee

The bride showing off again
Mudgee is about three hours west/ north west of Sydney. Having a trip to Sydney in my mind, we headed straight to a caravan park, recommended by several writers in Wiki Camps. Well once again not one of my better choices, however we did a deal to stay for a couple of nights for the usual park fee, and then leave the van on site, without electricity or water for eleven bucks a night while we were in Sydney.  Good deal.

The caravan park in a fairly big country town was as I thought, a caravan park with attitude. I hate big caravan parks. I don’t know what it is about some parks. They see the Val farting and coughing, and the Retroliner with its agro persona, and immediately you can see the mutters and sniggerings from the $150,000 set, that the "trailer trash has arrived!"  I fix 'em up. Just hang out my noooooooodie sign, then slip on the truckers singlet and the footie shorts (he he!!)

Clock tower main drag of Mudgee

Mudgee a really nice town, very trendy, clean, and a nice place to walk around. Heaps of wineries, bars and restaurants. We had a walk around the town, visited the odd drinking hole, for a look see only. Mudgee is the sort of place, you need to have a very healthy bank balance. You could spend your life’s savings, well ours anyway, just visiting all the attractions, so being old aged pensioners and trailer trash we just did the porpers trail.
Forty beers please!

Stay toooned


Sunday, 8 June 2014

235- Mendooran

Where in the hell is Mendooran?????? Well its about a two stubby trip from Coona. Simply turn off the Newell highway just south of Coona, with the road heading to Dunnedoo. About half way between the turn off and Dunedoo is Mendooran, and a gem from heaven greets you.
The mayor of Mendooran
So with much planning and checking out the free camps book and of course Wicki camps we headed to a free camp at Mendooran. Mendooran what a gem!!!! A huge camping area, clean toilets, endless fresh water, and a great pub. Showering not an issue, just put up the shower tent, and with one side open had a view of the Castlereagh river….well sort of, pretty dry down here still.

The bride having a quiet chardy at our camp spot.
Just love the small town, really quaint, with the pub with loads of atmosphere. Paul the publican, only been there for 11 weeks at the time of our visit, ran a great country pub. Food was magnificent, the beer cold, the red wine, mind altering, and my wallet was beaten to submission. We love camps like this, even the 100 star camper ( The Bride) liked this one. We met a million other travelers, all doing their thing as well. Magic place all round. We will return one day.
Great country pub

The view from the shower. The river was just about dry.
An afternoon storm brewing over the camp site

Thursday, 5 June 2014

234 - I'm Back

Hey there troops, and yep I know it has been a while,  however I'm back.

There has been travel, adventures, camp fires and tall stories. All to much to post on this entry. So to confuse everybody, I am going to work backwards, maybe side ways, upside down, not to sure myself really. So here goes.

Our intentions was to head down the middle of NSW, hang out on the Murray, then weather permitting maybe head west to South Australia, at all times seeking some hospitality work. But guess what, being the world biggest sook, and as we also move very slowly, the winter crept up on us. All

So as everybody was heading north, we like a couple of wallies were going south, which had us questioning our motives . Even had a truckie jumped on the 2 way after seeing our Queensland plates, when heading into Victoria, wanting to know if we were lost; also questioned our sanity in reference to our direction. The terminology expressed by this driver, was extremely colourful - albeit with tones of a friendly nature. Kept on talking also about Collingwood! I said to the bride, "Is that a disease down here." 

To cut a long story short we skirted along the Murray, after doing the trip down to Moama / Euchua, up through Broken Hill, then east back to northern NSW. For some of our readers, we frequent this rustic retreat many times before, you would have seen the various postings, however for our newer readers please enjoy.

Glad the open shower faces north
Never tire of the view
Ready for a quick dip
Break out the 9 iron
The inside Dunny
If ya don't wanna camp try a rustic cabin
This is what happens if you have to many happy hours.
Stay tooooooooned for the next adventure.