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Sunday, 8 June 2014

235- Mendooran

Where in the hell is Mendooran?????? Well its about a two stubby trip from Coona. Simply turn off the Newell highway just south of Coona, with the road heading to Dunnedoo. About half way between the turn off and Dunedoo is Mendooran, and a gem from heaven greets you.
The mayor of Mendooran
So with much planning and checking out the free camps book and of course Wicki camps we headed to a free camp at Mendooran. Mendooran what a gem!!!! A huge camping area, clean toilets, endless fresh water, and a great pub. Showering not an issue, just put up the shower tent, and with one side open had a view of the Castlereagh river….well sort of, pretty dry down here still.

The bride having a quiet chardy at our camp spot.
Just love the small town, really quaint, with the pub with loads of atmosphere. Paul the publican, only been there for 11 weeks at the time of our visit, ran a great country pub. Food was magnificent, the beer cold, the red wine, mind altering, and my wallet was beaten to submission. We love camps like this, even the 100 star camper ( The Bride) liked this one. We met a million other travelers, all doing their thing as well. Magic place all round. We will return one day.
Great country pub

The view from the shower. The river was just about dry.
An afternoon storm brewing over the camp site

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