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Monday, 9 June 2014

236 - Mudgee

The bride showing off again
Mudgee is about three hours west/ north west of Sydney. Having a trip to Sydney in my mind, we headed straight to a caravan park, recommended by several writers in Wiki Camps. Well once again not one of my better choices, however we did a deal to stay for a couple of nights for the usual park fee, and then leave the van on site, without electricity or water for eleven bucks a night while we were in Sydney.  Good deal.

The caravan park in a fairly big country town was as I thought, a caravan park with attitude. I hate big caravan parks. I don’t know what it is about some parks. They see the Val farting and coughing, and the Retroliner with its agro persona, and immediately you can see the mutters and sniggerings from the $150,000 set, that the "trailer trash has arrived!"  I fix 'em up. Just hang out my noooooooodie sign, then slip on the truckers singlet and the footie shorts (he he!!)

Clock tower main drag of Mudgee

Mudgee a really nice town, very trendy, clean, and a nice place to walk around. Heaps of wineries, bars and restaurants. We had a walk around the town, visited the odd drinking hole, for a look see only. Mudgee is the sort of place, you need to have a very healthy bank balance. You could spend your life’s savings, well ours anyway, just visiting all the attractions, so being old aged pensioners and trailer trash we just did the porpers trail.
Forty beers please!

Stay toooned


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