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Friday, 27 June 2014

239 - Fort Courage

Don't disturb me now, cause I'm waiting for the Injuns

Fort Courage.............Krippies!!! sounds like a Cowboys and Indians set.

But alas it is a hidden fishing camp on the Murray River 18 kms out of Wentworth on the NSW southern border. What a hidden gem. Once again my mates from Wiki Camps told us to go there and we weren't disappointed. Sure it did look a bit feral, but hey we are Trailer Trash anyway, so we will fit in perfectly. 

Just checking out to make sure we aren't attacked from water by the Injuns

Now let me tell you about fort Courage. It is a van park set up by the Wentworth Anglers Club. Most of the fishing type guests blow in for a period of time, be it weeks, months or forever. Of course there are  there to fish for the Murray River Cod, or also know as Golden Perch, and do their level best to rid the river of Carp.

For the Brides brothers and sisters. This is where Joyce is !!!!

Then of course, there are a the Geriatric Gypsies who come here, just like us .......cause we can!! Some fish others do nothing, and just enjoy the atmosphere. The happy hour in the shed with a ranging fire, with a cast of thousands is just magnificent, and our time there coincided with the monthly fishing comp. What a blast on the Saturday night. Entertainment, magnificent meal and of course the Trailer Trash here got into the Karaoke, and all for a tenna a head. Great deal for poor old aged pensioners (he he!!!!!)

The Queens of Song

Trying to pick up the bride mister????

Man the boats the Injuns are com'n

The Injuns are here...Eeeeeeeeeek............we'll all be killed

All in all a fun spot, and the new amenities block had just opened. If you are down Wentworth way pencil in Fort Courage.................o'h and don't forget your six shooter!


  1. Great post, nice to see ya back into the swing of things again. I've been a bit slack but will get the posts happen sooooon.

  2. Hey Guys, thanks for dropping by. Where are you two anyway?