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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

239 - Parkes

The radio telescope at Parkes
In our travels we look for free camps and on one of our adventures we found a free camp half way between Wellington and Parkes. Just can't remember the camp nor the town, but as soon as we pulled up, the 100 star camper gave me a right cross, followed by a karate chop, and filled the cabin of the Val with a language that was reminisce of my time in the public bar at the Maroubra Seals Club. "Does that mean dear you don't think this is a nice place to stay."

Guess what we didn't stay, so it was off to Parkes, via the radio telescope.  My GPS took us on a direct route to the telescope, via road that was later discovered as "not suitable for caravans" Feeeeeeeeeerk, but we made it.

This is a must see spot when in that part of the world. However been there and done that now, but interesting to say the least. You may remember the Australian movie the "Dish" Well this is where it all happened.

Guess who!!!!!!!!! Professor Greenie
"Earth to Mars, this is Professor Greenie"
I might put this radio set in the Val
After the radio thingy we needed to find a spot to camp for the night, as at this stage I was buggered. Already driven to far for one day. We had a look at the showground in Parkes, once again the 100 star camper was very vocal. We ended up in a caravan park. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeerk I hate these places.
Even the Val could be retired for this beast. What a classic

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