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Saturday, 21 June 2014

238 - Mirrool

Where the feeeeeerk is Mirool???

Mirrool, a thriving metropolis of 21 people, one pub, derelict grain solos to name a few. So whats good about that? Well my mate in Wicki Camps recons this joint is the ants pants, and guess what, exactly right.

Just between West Wyalong and Narrandera, basically the gateway to the Riverena, is this quaint little place. Not really a free camp, but for $10 a night, you get power, a brand new shower toilet block, BBQ area and free barbies, plus if you have kidz a play ground.

The dreaded Newell Highway. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

The Mirrool Pub, what a classic

The publicans of the pub are just sensational, however at the time of writing this, the pub is shut. I figured you can't make a living relying on 21 people. But I could be wrong.

However Mirroll is famous for a festival held every year in October where the punters come from far a wide to celebrate the day, that some footballer fella, you know that other game they play, more in Mexico, kicked a Sherrin football over the silos. Whatever tickles your fancy!

See I told ya only 21 people in the town

Excuse me mister, do you know where the beach is?

The grain silo they kick the ball over

The new shower toilet block. Couldn't help myself and cleaned them everyday.

The Val and the RetroLiner all camped up.

This is all part of the camp
Undercover BBQ's

Time to leave, but will return......maybe!!!

So if you are ever down that way there a lot of low cost camps maintained by the local community.  Stay toooooooooooned!

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