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Thursday, 21 August 2014

240 - Standing Still

Time for an up date, as it has been brought to my attention I haven't posted in months.

Well the update is I have nothing to update really.

We returned from our last trip in May sometime, and have been stationery on the northern rivers of NSW, due to the bride getting some part time work. We could be here till early 2015, although not to sure yet. Apart from the work thingy, the intentions are to get some major work done on the Val and the RetroLiner, so we can continue our adventures in 2015. But we will just suck it, and see at this stage.

However, I update on my Facebook page, about all the little adventures we do from our current base. 

Also I have updated some of my privacy settings on the blog, as I am getting a few strange emails from someone unknow, commenting on my site, but not showing as a comment on the blog, but coming to me via my email address. Strange one that one.

So thanks all for dropping by, we will return when I get something to write about.


Me and the Bride