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Friday, 26 September 2014

242 - The Retro Roamers Will Continue On Facebook

The Retro Roamers will continue to post into the future on Facebook.

The reason for moving to Facebook is mainly convenience and ease of postings. It also allows "friends" to come along on the journey, and add their comments. All in good fun.

However this blog will not go away, unless Google smash it. Starting in 2008 the address is http://theretroroamers.blogspot.com . Then from about 2013 we changed the address to this current one.

I guess the only negative I can see in the short term, is that unless you are on Facebook, and a friend of the group, you cannot see any postings, although you can access the site.
So the bride and I welcome any of our established friends, and others, who just want to enjoy the antics of The Retro Roamers, wandering around the country side like a couple of recycled teeagers, just having fun.

Yep it will still be cheeky, a bit naughty in parts, with our usual "guess where we are" tones.
For those who cannot come across for what ever reason, thank you for your readership. We have enjoyed presenting this blog in its current form - but time to move on.

For those who are already on Face book and would like to come across, and being a closed group send us a "join this group" notification to The Retro Roamers, and away we go.

Thanks again, cheers and beers

Me and the Bride

Thursday, 25 September 2014

241 - Greens Lake Victoria

I have said it a thousand times before, blogging is all about motivation. Don't have much of that, however before I switch over to a travel page on facebook, I will just tidy up some of the places we went to on our last trip.

We are currently based on the northern rivers of NSW and could be here for some time. So in the meantime here is one of the magic places we visited early autumn and over Easter 2014.

Sunrise Over Greens Lake
Greens Lake is just south of Eucha and 21 kms basically east of Rochester. This is a very popular destination for the grey nomads, and locals alike. We stumbled across it purely through various forums.

It is a huge lake managed by the Murray Goulburn group. When we arrived we settled into a spot 5 metres from the water line. Bad Move!!!!!! as that night the rains came and we were basically bogged in. To cut a long story short we moved to higher ground and for about three weeks, and just met a million people and had a great time.

After a period of time we did move on, due to the winter approaching and some pretty ordinary weather moving in.

All in all a magic place, however not advised during the peak holiday periods. I do read the place will be closed over new year to prevent a repeat of last years trouble.

Here's some pikkies

There is our camp site at Greens

The crew for happy hour

One of our happy hour participants wanted our sign to stop others
camping on top of her site

Now that is Trailer Trash
Ski anybody

At the end of a stressful day
Till next time stay safe