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Friday, 26 September 2014

242 - The Retro Roamers Will Continue On Facebook

The Retro Roamers will continue to post into the future on Facebook.

The reason for moving to Facebook is mainly convenience and ease of postings. It also allows "friends" to come along on the journey, and add their comments. All in good fun.

However this blog will not go away, unless Google smash it. Starting in 2008 the address is http://theretroroamers.blogspot.com . Then from about 2013 we changed the address to this current one.

I guess the only negative I can see in the short term, is that unless you are on Facebook, and a friend of the group, you cannot see any postings, although you can access the site.
So the bride and I welcome any of our established friends, and others, who just want to enjoy the antics of The Retro Roamers, wandering around the country side like a couple of recycled teeagers, just having fun.

Yep it will still be cheeky, a bit naughty in parts, with our usual "guess where we are" tones.
For those who cannot come across for what ever reason, thank you for your readership. We have enjoyed presenting this blog in its current form - but time to move on.

For those who are already on Face book and would like to come across, and being a closed group send us a "join this group" notification to The Retro Roamers, and away we go.

Thanks again, cheers and beers

Me and the Bride

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  1. Can't stand Facebook may see you on the road will miss the blog catchya